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The words “Affirmative Action” or “Human Resource Development” is often interpreted and understood in different ways. Vusela Quantity Surveyor’s policy is a general attitude to recognize and correct the inequalities that exist within our society whilst continuing to maintain the highest professional standards expected within the Building Industry.

Vusela Quantity Surveyors adopts the policy of working in partnership with their clients to assess the scope of a project together with its risks and objectives, and then develops and implements strategies for successful delivery.

“To offer professional services with excellence and maintain a progressive attitude towards the development of pro-active and innovative project procedures that will lead to a greater benefit to the client, the community and the economy”

A large percentage of Vusela Quantity Surveyor’s staff is of a previously disadvantaged background. The company is committed to providing equal opportunities for all employees in accordance with the Employment Equity Act together with its own development programme.

Vusela Quantity Surveyors performs professional Quantity Surveying Services for clients from both private and public sectors, covering a wide spectrum in the commercial, industrial, residential, retail, civil, SMPP and mining fields.

We offer a comprehensive range of Quantity Surveying and Construction Cost Consulting services including (but not restricted to) the following:

  • Viability and Feasibility studies
  • Cost Estimating and Value Engineering
  • Cost Management and Budgetary Reporting
  • Bill Production
  • Tender Documentation
  • Tender Adjudication
  • Project Cost Finalisation
  • Tenant Installations
  • Asset valuations

Vusela Quantity Surveyors is committed to:

1. A philosophy of Adding Value through effective planning and management
2. The adherence to strict Time Management principles
3. The definition and implementation of Project Objectives
4. The compliance with Project Budget deliverance
5. Acting with honesty, integrity and responsibility and providing our clients with dynamic and pro-active financial advice which is achieved by the following:

  • A close working relationship with fellow professional team members
  • Active interaction with the client
  • Strong work ethic and committed team effort
  • The ability to balance the budget with that of the practical and aesthetic needs of the client and designer

Vusela Quantity Surveyors is a young, medium-sized company and we understand the importance of providing service excellence which enhances our reputation of being a dynamic and commercially orientated company. It is thus our company policy to allocate a director on a “hands on” basis from inception to completion of each project we undertake.

Who we Are

Vusela Quantity Surveyors was established in 2005, under the guidance of BWR Quantity Surveyors, with the commitment to implementing the B.E.E policies that have been laid down by the South African Government. Vusela Quantity Surveyors strives to promote the interests of historically disadvantaged persons wherever possible, while being consistent in maintaining the highest level of service to our clients.

Following a successful period of skills transfer together with the integration of the BWR systems and ethos into Vusela Quantity Surveyors, it was agreed, with effect from 1 March 2017, to consolidate the two professional practices into a single entity, Vusela Quantity Surveyors.

Vusela Quantity Surveyors shareholding remains unchanged comprising the two partners of BWR Quantity Surveyors (Gary Wallace and Mark Raubenheimer) together with Precious Mulaudzi. The management structure and ongoing professional service offered previously by BWR Quantity Surveyors and Vusela Quantity Surveyors will continue unaltered within the new structures of Vusela Quantity Surveyors.

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